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  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Thulisile,

    Its OK to take iron supplements when you’re pregnant. When you choose to take them is up to you.

  2. Thulisile

    Can the iron supplement given to pregnant women cause anything if taken the same time as the ARVs

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Siya,

    Its great to hear that you’re doing so well with your meds. This is always a positive thing.

    With regards to it going up, it might. It is however already high. and well within the normal range. This is good.

    To know if the meds are working well, I’d need to know what your viral load was when you were diagnosed and what it is now. Do you have this info?

  4. siya

    Hi. I’ve been taking atroiza now for a month. At first I felt dizzy, but now I’m fine. For me nothing has changed. When I was diagnosed my CD4 was 852. Will this go up? Are my meds working well?

  5. Hi Mkhosi, the three months before the baby is due should be plenty of time for your viral load to become undetectable. This will dramatically reduce the chance that your baby will have HIV. Please talk to your doctor about your concerns. HIV meds are good for both you and your baby.


    I’m six month pregnancy and I i just started to take my treatment yesterday do u think I will give birth to a positive baby?

  7. Marler

    Back on July 2st or you can say early on the morning of July 22nd I had an half unprotected experience.I made a mistake by taking off the comdom instead of keeping it on my penis where it was suppose to be during a that form of activity. She sucked my penis raw, I didn’t penetrate her vagina but I touch it with the tip of my penis or put the tip of my penis in but I stopped trying to put it in because I was starting to think about all the different STDs including the very fritening HIV/AIDS. I have taken multiple tests I took a Ag/Ab combo test about 4,5, maybe 6 after the sexual experience and it came back negative but they said it was too soon for it to be conclusive so I took another one on about August the 10th or 11th but I was told it still kinda early so I took a again at some point in October still was negative. I took an Oraquick test at home on October 21st or 22nd or 23rd it was negative as well. I got some blood drawn today for another HIV Ag/Ab test and I am scared out of mind still and feeling paranoid as I don’t know what. Please help me!!! I feeling like going insane around here.!

  8. Lisa Thorley

    Hi zinhle,

    Atenef is a generic version of Atripla, it is used to treat HIV. Please see:


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