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HIV testing

Could my child be negative?

Why doesn’t i-Base answer questions on HIV testing and transmission?

Will I always test HIV positive even with undetectable viral load?

Why has my baby got thrush?

Featured Has my question already been answered?

Why don’t they write HIV results on medical cards?

Can I still be negative when my partner has tested positive?

What does the number mean on an HIV test result?

I have a question about testing

How can I be positive and my husband negative?

What does the number mean on an HIV test result?

How am I positive but my partner negative?

I’m on treatment, does this mean I am positive?

I’ve recently become positive and have questions..

I have some questions about ARVs, can you help?

Why do I have a number on my negative test result?

Why did my partner test positive when I tested negative?

Do test results show the mode of transmission?

Can I get rid of my HIV antibodies?

Is it possible for my baby to test negative and then positive?

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