Q and A

HIV testing

My partner has just been diagnosed, do we need to use condoms?

Can a person with undetectable viral load test HIV negative on rapid HIV test?

When will I know if my baby is negative?

Is there an HIV vaccine?

Will SSRI antidepressants affect seroconversion or HIV test results?

Does polymyositis influence a HIV test?

Where can I test for HIV in the UK?

How soon after catching HIV will someone become infectious?

Can HIV hide from the test after PEP?

Where can I test for HIV in the UK and is HIV treatment free?

I’m positive, is it possible that my husband can be negative?

Why do I need to repeat a 28-day negative HIV test at three months?

What do reactive negative/non-reactive results mean?

What different tests are used to test for HIV?

Is a negative test after three months accurate?

A condom burst with my positive girlfriend. Will I have HIV now?

How can my partner test HIV positive and I test HIV negative?

Does ‘non-reactive’ mean I am HIV negative?

What is seroconversion and what are the symptoms?

My partner blames me for her positive test result but I am negative…

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