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Can HIV positive people have children?

My husband and I are on HIV meds, can we have children?

I’m pregnant and on medication, will my baby be OK?

I’ve just had an abortion, can I restart meds?

Do ARVs cause fertility problems?

Do I need to be on ARVs if I want to have kids?

How can we get pregnant?

Is it safe to take ARVs when you’re pregnant?

Missed dose during pregnancy, will my child be OK?

Can I change from Atripla when pregnant?

Are my meds stopping me from getting pregnant?

I’m pregnant, when should I start ART?

I’m pregnant, my CD4 is 460 do I needs ARVs?

Can we have kids?

Featured Has my question already been answered?

Can I have a baby, my CD4 is 600.

Will ARVs interfere with me taking the pill?

Can we have children, my wife is negative.

How safe is a combination of Efiverenz/tenonofovir/lamivudine in pregnancy?

I missed 3 days of atrozia, will my baby be OK?

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