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Do ARVs impact on a woman’s fertility?

I’m on meds, will my baby be OK?

Do you need to take ARVs when you’re pregnant?

I’ve been off meds for nearly 3 years, can I restart?

My viral load is high, can I breastfeed?

Can I become pregnant at 37 and on tenofovir?

Will nevirapine protect my baby if my nipples are cracked?

Does sepsis mean my baby might have HIV?

I’m pregnant, do I need to take ARVs?

I’m a HIV positive man, can I have children?

I’m pregnant, do I need to take medication?

When will my viral load be undetectable?

Can you take TB meds at the same time as ARVs?

I’m positive and pregnant. I don’t know my partners status. Is there a risk?

I’m pregnant, do I need to use ARVs?

I’m pregnant and just started medication, will my child be OK?

Can a positive person have children?

Does a woman’s CD4 count drop when she’s pregnant?

I’m pregnant, when should I start medication?

Can you have an abortion if you’re on ARVs?

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