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  1. Simon Collins

    Hi Johnson, please see Q1 at this link:

  2. Johnson

    Hi. I had unprotected sex with a sex worker in Thai. After that I face few problems in my body. So decide to test hiv 1/2. All the test are done at 5, 6, 10 and 11weeks. All come non reactive. All the test done by tri-dot method. How accurate are these test. I am not sexually active. Are these results are conclusive or I have to wait more….

  3. Simon Collins

    Hi A.v, I can’t say what cause this. Please tell your doctor if this happens regularly. If your meds include efavirenz it might be better to take them closer to when you go to sleep. See this link:

  4. A.v

    I’ve been taking them and it’s a second month now and I never changed my time schedule but now the problem is that after 2hours after I took my pills I just vomit,so can I ask what causes that?

  5. Simon Collins

    Hi Rajukumar, information about HIV and testing, including the answer to your question, is online here:

  6. rajukumar

    0.05 my hiv result is positve or neghtive send replay fast

  7. Simon Collins

    Information about HIV transmission and testing are already online at the FAQ page.

    or in this guide:

  8. Sam

    I had a sex with a women aged 32 8 months ago. While having sex my condom slipped inside her vagina but I realised after few minutes . She was on my top. Should I worry about hiv?

  9. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Zukie, It’s a good idea for your partner to talk to the doctor about this. Here in the UK it’s recommended that if you have active TB you should be using ARVs for HIV.

    When you test positive if your CD4 count is low TB treatment can be started first. So depending on your CD4 count your doctor could treat your TB first. If this happens, taking ARVs may be delayed for up to 12 weeks.

  10. Zukie

    My partner’s CD4 count is 17.5% and he’s on stomach TB treatment. Can he use the ARV’s also?