Q and A


When should I give my child their meds?

Can babies be given solids when they are 6 weeks old?

My viral load is undetectable, can I have a baby?

My partner is negative, can we have children?

Will nevirapine protect my baby if my nipples are cracked?

Should I give my baby water?

Does sepsis mean my baby might have HIV?

Can my baby be switch to formula?

My childs tested negative twice, will she be OK?

When will I know if my baby is negative?

Will feeding my baby solids be a problem?

My viral load is detectable, can I breastfeed?

My baby tested negative at 18 months, are they OK?

I’m detectable and breastfeeding, is there a risk?

I’m breastfeeding, can I stop taking ARVs?

My baby has a rash, what should I do?

Can I change from breastfeeding my baby to formula milk?

Can my wife become pregnant without catching HIV?

I feel judged for wanting to breastfeed in Germany?

Will my baby be okay now I stopped giving him water?

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