Q and A

Living with HIV long-term

What does the latest cure case mean for me?

What will happen if I stop meds for other health issues?

Who can I speak to about being an HIV elite controller?

Can I stop ART if I am depressed?

Is U=U really true?

How long can I live if I’m taking HIV treatment (ART)?

I’m on ART but worry about inflammation and long-term health…

What is the difference between stopping meds and never starting them?

I am worried about a low CD4 and fewer tests in the Philippines?

Can I have the HEP vaccine?

Can I really have a normal life expectancy?

Can I smoke and drink alcohol?

Featured Has my question already been answered?

Why can’t I find a partner?

How long can I live without HIV drugs?

What food should I eat so that I have a longer life?

Can your CD4 count show how long you have had HIV?

What is causing my weight changes?

Will occasional unhealthiness effect my CD4 count?

I’ve restarted treatment and my viral load is high, what will happen?

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