Q and A

Side effects

Does PEP have side effects?

Will not using condoms or recent ART cause weight loss?

HIV meds made me sick before but now I am pregnant…

Will changing the time I took meds cause fever and nightmares?

Can I change to a simple combination? can I just stop a drug?

Is mouth thrush normal if I have just stated treatment?

What happens if I take efavirenz and Truvada after a meal?

Can I take Questran with Genvoya?

Diagnosed 4 days ago and feeling dizzy on meds?

I stopped efavirenz after a week because of kidney pains…

How to choose first ART in the UK?

I used efavirenz…?

Do ARVs affect your emotions?

Can I change treatment?

How serious is this CD4 drop on ART?

Can I change the time of day when I take my meds?

I’m on Tribuss, does the dizziness go away?

Is Atripla effective?

Is a rash normal?

My viral load is OK, but my CD4 is dropping, is this normal?

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