Q and A

Side effects

Do ARVs affect your emotions?

Can I change treatment?

How serious is this CD4 drop on ART?

Can I change the time of day when I take my meds?

I’m on Tribuss, does the dizziness go away?

Is Atripla effective?

Is a rash normal?

My viral load is OK, but my CD4 is dropping, is this normal?

Why am I feeling dizzy?

Can I take lamivudine once a day instead of twice?

I’ve just started meds, I’m having diarrhoea, is this normal?

I’m taking Atripla, and two other nukes, is this OK?

Why am I having back pain?

Am I going to lose weight, I’m on citenvir?

What’s the difference between atenef and atrozia?

Featured Has my question already been answered?

Why am I having weight loss?

Can I still drink alcohol?

Can I reduce the drugs I take?

UK switch to dolutegravir: do I still need 3TC/FTC or even 3 drugs?

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