Q and A

Newly diagnosed

What can I do if I am HIV positive living in the Middle-East?

Add etravirine to Genvoya – NOT RECOMMENDED

My girlfriend just tested positive…

I have been diagnosed with CD4 of 16?

Will nigella seeds help my CD4 count?

Is my son positive if I was diagnosed when breastfeeding?

Featured Has my question already been answered?

My CD4 is 650, do I have AIDS?

How can I increase my CD4 count naturally? Its 30.

Missed dose, will I be ok?

Will my baby have HIV?

Can I tell when I became HIV positive?

My CD4 count is only 5 – how long will the meds take to work?

My CD4 is 460, how long have I got?

Is it possible to be undetectable, but have a low CD4?

I’ve been on treatment for 3 months, am I still positive?

Why has my CD4 count not increased?

I’ve just found out my girlfriend is positive, I want to support her. What can I do?

My CD4 is 172, how long do I have to live?

Can I stop using condoms after two weeks on ARVs?

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