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Life expectancy

Can I really have a normal life expectancy?

Featured Has my question already been answered?

Can I restart medication?

My partner won’t take meds, how can I help her?

My CD4 is 460, how long have I got?

My CD4 is 172, how long do I have to live?

How long will I live if I start ARVs on a CD4 count of 500?

When should I start treatment?

Will I still be able to get married and have children?

I have just started treatment and have questions…

What is my life expectancy if I start ARVs today?

Can I get rid of my HIV antibodies?

What will happen now I have stopped treatment?

Why does my CD4 count go up and down?

Can my son gain weight again?

Is it OK to smoke and drink?

I’ve just been diagnosed. How long will i live?

What is my life expectancy if i don’t start treatment?

My husband started meds with a CD4 count of 4? What about his liver?

What is my chance of having a healthy life?

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