Q and A

Starting treatment

How do I know if my ARVs are working?

I’ve just started Atrozia, how long will the side effects last?

Is it OK to start medication before my CD4 drops?

I have meds but haven’t taken them yet…

I’m having unprotected sex with my partner, I’m new to ARVs, are they at risk?

I started ART without a CD4 test… can I really life another 10 years?

Will not using condoms or recent ART cause weight loss?

HIV meds made me sick before but now I am pregnant…

Will Septrin increase my CD4 count?

What are my choices for HIV drugs in Birmingham?

My friend is having big problems after starting ART with a low CD4…

What is the difference between stopping meds and never starting them?

Is mouth thrush normal if I have just stated treatment?

Should I start ART with a CD4 count of 450?

Diagnosed 4 days ago and feeling dizzy on meds?

What reduces the time treatment takes to work?

How soon will my friends treatment take to work? His CD4 count is 36.

I’ve decided to start ART with CD4=28…

I stopped efavirenz after a week because of kidney pains…

I am worried about my relative not on ARVs?

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