Q and A

Starting treatment

Do you get side effects when you start ARV?

I’m pregnant, when should I start medication?

I’m not on treatment and I want a baby, what should I do?

Do I have resistance to Atripla from shift work?

I’m newly diagnosed, should I start treatment?

Which meds are best when working night shifts?

Should I take meds in early pregnancy?

Can other drugs reduce effectiveness of ARVs?

How long will it take to get undetectable viral load?

Can I breastfeed? I just started medication.

Just diagnosed, how do I keep my girlfriend safe?

I’m pregnant and not on medication, is it ok to start?

I’m about to start meds, what can I expect?

I’ve not had any side effects since starting meds, is this OK?

I’m 6 months pregnant. Is it safe to delay starting treatment?

What do it mean if your CD4 count is 200 or less?

Why have I been given Tribuss – is this an ARV?

Why is my husband HIV negative when I am pregnant and HIV positive?

How do I know if my ARVs are working?

I’ve just started Atrozia, how long will the side effects last?

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