Q and A

Starting treatment

I’ve started meds but I haven’t had any side effects, is this OK?

My CD4 has dropped slightly, am I OK?

My CD4 is 145, will it increase?

I’m undetectable but my CD4 is still low, why?

I feel dizzy when I take my meds, is this normal?

What are the pills marked with M171 and D100?

I’ve been losing weight, will I gain it back?

I’ve been off meds for nearly 3 years, can I restart?

Can I tell my boyfriend after being on meds for a month?

Can I drink cola or other soda?

Should I check is my CD4 count is up?

When should I start ARVs?

I’ve been positive for 7 years, should I start medication?

How should I take Aluvia?

Can dolutegravir cause anxiety?

Can you take TB meds at the same time as ARVs?

Newly diagnosed with CD4 200 and viral load 375,000

Can you change the time that you take your ARVs?

How quickly will my CD4 and viral load change after starting treatment?

How long should it take for my lab results to change after treatment?

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